Saturday, August 2, 2008

Experimenting, the natural way

We have done pretty with our natural diet this week. I have lost my desire for most restaurants as well. If you know my eating habits, you know this is a huge change for me! But, I do still strongly desire soft drinks, iced coffees, and frappuccinos. They are my big downfall! So, I decided to experiment some today to see if I could make a healthier version of iced coffee at home. I used honey in the iced coffee instead of sugar, and I got some mixed results. One time the honey settled in the bottom of the cup and that was not so good. Most of the time I couldn't taste it, but it did add a little sweetness. (BTW, I tried honey in hot coffee earlier and decided I didn't like that. If you are using raw honey, the hot coffee kind of cooks it, anyway.)

I have not been feeling well today, maybe because the toxins are working out of my body, so I haven't cooked, but I did look for some recipes to make some convenience foods at home. I really rely on those in the mornings and on days that I have to do errands. My goal this week is to get the boys to help me cook and to try out the recipes. I need to get them more involved in helping with stuff like that (and the clean-up!).

My other goal is to get back to the gym. It has been 2 weeks since I have been and I am feeling it! The first week I missed was because of VBS and how exhausted I felt after I got home from it. Last week we had some health issues and I just lost motivation. So, I am admitting my failings, and writing my goal in my blog so that I have some accountability.

On a side not, it has been so hot!!! A lot of the stores and catalogs are turning their focus to fall fashions, and it makes me anxious for the cooler weather. Then I remember where I live and that I probably won't get to enjoy a cool fall or those fun fall fashions anyway. At least that's less for me to spend money on, right? ;)


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