Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bass Pro Boys

The boys with their complimentary stickers. (Evan's on shirt; Joel's on leg)

We took our first trip to our local Bass Pro Shops yesterday, and the boys had a blast! There was an indoor water fountain and attached viewing tank with fish. There were also lots of stuffed animals. They boys kept asking, "Did they kill that bear?", or "Did they kill that deer?" or whatever other animal we saw. Also heard frequently was, "Is that animal real?"

Perhaps the most fun was in the fishing department where the boys got to practice casting with a bigger fishing rod. Evan is really quite good. He has trouble controlling the rod when not casting, but he didn't really injure anyone. We did get a new fishing rod, and when it cools off a little I will start taking Evan fishing. Since he is starting kindergarten this year I want to have "special" time with him each week, and I thought this would be one fun way to do that. It looks like Joel really wants to go fishing, too, so maybe he and I can do that while Evan is at school some days.


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