Thursday, August 21, 2008

I need more sleep!

These late-night Olympics are getting to me! I wasn't going to watch last night, but it was a gold medal game in beach volleyball! So Steve and I stayed up to cheer on the American team of May-Treanor/Walsh, albeit remotely. Apparently our cheering is powerful, because they won gold! It was a good match, and thankfully only took about 45 minutes.

I also wanted to watch the indoor volleyball semifinals, but I just couldn't stay up that late. I checked the results and the USA won! Not only did they win, but they did it decisively, 3-0. I am so proud of them! I will do my best to watch the gold medal match against Brazil, if it is on "regular" tv (i.e. not a cable channel).

In other news, Evan can identify the womens' Chinese divers on his own now. We were watching the platform diving last night, and when one of the Chinese divers was on the platform waiting to dive Evan said, "This is one of the best ones who doesn't make a splash!" Then she dove according to his expectations, and he exclaimed, "See! Just a little splash!" He also wanted to know how the judges decided on the score, but I don't really know. It is exciting to see him enjoying all of these sports so much! It also makes me wonder about his future - is he thinking of one day being in a competition like this, will he still be interested in the same things as a teenager or young adult, etc. I don't know. For now we are just working on not whining, throwing things, and cutting blinds (that's a whole other post).


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