Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Will the destruction ever end?

Well, there may be a few less pictures for a week or so. Yesterday while I was making dinner Evan came in saying, "Joel is trying to start a fire." I wasn't too concerned because Joel doesn't know how to start a fire, but then ... I asked, "What is he using to try to start a fire?" Evan calmly replied, "He poured water on the computer." I was not so calm by this time. Yes, I had left the laptop open and I left the water I had been drinking sitting beside it. I didn't anticipate Joel's move. There was no reason for him to be there in my mind. Apparently his mind operates a little differently.

I mentioned something in a previous blog about blinds being cut, so I will explain that further now. Evan climbed up on the computer desk and got down a pair of scissors, took them to his room, and began to cut. The object of his cutting was the little strings that hold the individual blinds. He cut all three sets on each blind, about 2 feet from the bottom of the window down. (He had to use money from his bank to replace the blinds.) I would have thought that at some point during the time it took to do all of this, he might have thought it wasn't a good idea and stopped. I am not sure if that is what made him stop, or if he just couldn't reach any higher.

Then this morning, Joel decided to feed the fish without permission, or help, and dumped a good bit in the tank that Steve had just cleaned. The rest landed on the floor. He has also taken to getting cereal and crackers and hiding in his room to eat them. He has dumped at least 2 bags of cereal out in the last week or so. We are working on this, too.

So, that's just a little picture into the destruction that we have been witnessing over the last couple of weeks. Yes, there was more. I think that part of the problem is that I haven't been as scheduled with them. I am not a schedule-follower, but when I was going to the gym we had at least a bit of a schedule. I have not been as good at going to the gym this month, but am hoping that will change now that I have found a gym buddy! The boys and I went this morning, and I am planning to go back tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday. I haven't been gaining weight this past month, and have probably even lost some more, but not as much as when I was regularly working out. Hopefully we can all learn to be more constructive and less destructive - me with my body and the boys with everything else!


Anonymous said...

melissa! i laughed when i read this post! oh my, the funny stories these kiddos can write! :) sounds like you've got a good sense of humor with it. they really are a blessing :) i'm still laughing. -michelle s.

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