Sunday, August 17, 2008

There are some things Mom shouldn't see ...

like the boys "shaving" after I have just gotten them dressed for church. I am not in favor of deception, and we are working on that with Evan, but, seriously ... did I need to see that? Maybe I did - to help me work on not needing to always be in control. If the boys had gotten shaving cream on their clothes would it have been such a bad thing? Before church I would have said yes, but now I am thinking not. The boys had fun, and I would prefer that they imitate their dad instead of me when it comes to shaving. So, everything turned out well and I was reminded that I might need to let go a little bit more. The boys need time to be little boys. Messes are okay. They will grow up all too soon, and I need to enjoy every minute of this ride.


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