Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ever so helpful

We had a small hole in our entry wall that Steve just fixed. It started out as a dent (like from the doorknob hitting the wall). It has been there a long time, but recently the boys decided to "pick" at it while they were in time out and made it into a full-fledged hole. So I got the putty and Steve fixed it - with some "help" from the boys.

1. Joel helped spread out the wet putty (after Steve had left it) and announced to his dad that it was "too much". Some of the putty was on Joel's hands instead of the wall.

2. The putty dried and Steve painted over it. Evan came to look at the work and couldn't find it. Steve said that was okay because you weren't supposed to see it anymore since it was fixed. Evan asked, "Then how we will know where to poke?" Steve said loudly, "What did you just say?!" Evan replied quickly, "I was just kidding."

Yep, the boys are real helpful - and funny.


steele family said...

that is too funny!

Sheranda said...

That's my boy. I just love Evan and his way with words. Again, Caleb and I enjoyed this as well. Tell the boys I love them.

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