Thursday, August 7, 2008

Why do I try?

To take the boys shopping, that is. Today I decided to take them to the mall so we could get some important, secret shopping done. I decided to look around for myself, too, while I was there, so I am sure that was part of the problem. In my defense, with gas prices as they are once you get out there, you might as well get it all done. On the other hand, I didn't really need a new purse or shoes (and I didn't get any either).

In case you are wondering, those pictures are posed. Joel was sitting like that before I got the camera out. Evan had to ham it up so I would take a picture of him. Both boys are willing to pose, as long as they get to see the picture when I'm done. However, Joel did fall asleep on my way to "one more" store, so we came home. He is in bed now, sleeping - I think. Evan is also in his room after crying when he learned that he couldn't watch his favorite tv show. He's not tired though, because as he explained coming home, he's "a big boy who doesn't get tired as often as toddlers, like Joel."


Sheranda said...

I wish I were there to shop with you. Olivia and Levi love to shop (most of the time).

Love you,
Aunt Sheranda

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