Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's back!!!!

The pink eye, that is. This time it is Joel, and I am expecting that I will get it next.

Joel woke up at 4:24 this morning crying because his eyelashes were crusted together. Poor baby! We didn't know that he had it until then. Steve was up by then, too, so we cleaned his eye and then fought him to get some drops in. Evan was bad with the drops, but Joel is even worse! I am going to have a LOT of trouble trying to get them in by myself.

So, there went our plans to go to the movies today. Thankfully we had some movies from the library, so I decided we would have a movie day at home. I was hoping this would help us all by minimizing the things that Joel, and then Evan or I, touched. I forgot that Joel doesn't sit still for movies very long. Evan does, so I was hoping that at least that would help. Alas, Joel feels the need to be in his brother's space and messing with him. So, now I am trying to keep them physically separated.

As for the movies themselves, the first one from the library was so scratched that it didn't work at all. The second one was working, until close to the end when it apparently broke the DVD player. It started skipping and then the screen just went kind of stripey, with green, red, yellow, etc. I can't even get the DVD player to eject the disc. Right now we are watching tv and later we will try the VCR.

So, it is one of those days where everything is going wrong, or at least not according to my plans. At least Joel is still doing well with the potty-training today, even though he doesn't feel all that great. Yeah, let's focus on the positive!


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