Sunday, August 17, 2008

Making it better

On our way home from church we asked Joel what he did in his class today. His response - "I cried." A little bit later he said that Teddy was crying because he (Joel) was gone. He had wanted to take Teddy to church, but I told him that he could take Blankie instead. So, Teddy was apparently upset because he had gotten left at home. I said that maybe Teddy was okay and was taking a nap. Joel said, "No, he is crying in my bed." He assured us that when he got home he would rock Teddy to make him feel better. Lunch distracted Joel, but I reminded him and then he gave Teddy the proper attention. After a little bit Joel declared, "Teddy's all better now!" It's fun to see this sweet side of my little boys.

BTW - If Teddy looks well worn, it's because he is. He was Steve's bear when he was little. In the past week or so Joel has taken quite a fancy to him. Like father, like son!


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