Saturday, September 10, 2011

Football Frenzy

College football season has started.
The NFL regular season has started.
Football frenzy has taken hold of our house.  Evan and I are enjoying it, and Steve and Joel are tolerating the ride.  But, what does that have to do with what we did this morning.  
Any guesses?  
Here are a couple of visual clues:
 This is a punt

This is a kick off of a tee

So, where were we and what were we doing?
I didn't get a picture of the pass, but he did that, too.
We went to an NFL Punt, Pass, and Kick Competition.  I had been wondering how to get involved in this and our city sponsored a local competition this year.  Evan was pretty pumped when I told him about it, and he had a good time.

Joel was old enough to participate, but he didn't want to.  He just sat in the (dead/hibernating) grass and ate his snacks.

After Evan was finished we played on the playground.  It was a nice morning and nice to enjoy together!
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