Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympic fever!

We are definitely catching it in our house! I first fell in love with the Olympics and gymnastics at the age of 3-1/2. I remember watching Olga and Nadia in the 1976 Olympics and wanting to be them. I even had newspaper clippings of Olga. So, imagine my joy at seeing Evan enjoying the Olympics so much! His favorite events so far are gymnastics and volleyball. He has seen some of the swimming and likes it, too. He hasn't seen any diving yet because of the tv schedule, but I want for him to see it, too. Steve tried to teach him how to dive earlier this summer, but he didn't quite "get it".

The right form, but going in feet first.

I love watching the volleyball, both indoor and beach. (As a side note, one of my first students at A&M is on the indoor team - Go, Stacy!) I was surprised that Evan got so "into" it. He knows which team is ours by the flags on their jerseys and beside their names on the scores. He keeps track of the score for me if I am in another room. He knows what they have to score to win, and toward the end of the game he will tell me how many more we need to win. So, the Olympics are helping us with math, too!

How about the men's gymnastics team! Way to go! I have been thinking about starting the boys in a gymnastics class, and after watching Evan watch the gymnastics I really want to do that! He may not be in the Olympics, but I think he would enjoy it. It might help him to stop jumping on the furniture, too. Maybe, please?

As much as Evan enjoys swimming I thought that he would enjoy watching those competitions as well. He did learn about the different strokes, and he did enjoy it. He doesn't ask about it as much as the other competitions, though. I guess he hasn't seen as much of it, plus it is harder to see the swimmers through all of the water. I thought that he might become a Phelps Phan, but that doesn't seem to be happening so far.

And we get another 1-1/2 weeks to enjoy this, too!

On a related note, I have been praying for the Chinese people, and especially the persecuted church in China, during these Olympics. I would like to encourage you to also pray for these people who don't enjoy the freedoms that we often take for granted. For more information on the persecution of Christians in China (and around the world) and ways that you can encourage these brothers and sisters, you can go to Voice of the Martyrs.


Sheranda said...

Way to go Evan!! Aunt Sheranda has been watching the Olympics, too. I have only been watching swimming (mostly Phelps) and a little gymnastics, as Uncle Craig does not enjoy them to much:-)

I will join with you in the prayer for the Chinese and their need for salvation. This is an open door for Christians while they are there to witness for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Who knows what could happen!

Love you guys, Aunt Sheranda

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