Saturday, April 9, 2011

First Spring 2011 Flag Football Game

Evan had his first game today as a Wolverine, and it was pretty exciting!  His team didn't win, but they played well and seemed to be learning.  (He is playing Upward, so they don't keep score, but we can usually tell who wins.)  Evan played really well - at least we thought so.  Some of his highlights were:
 On defense:
 - 2 interceptions
 - disrupted another pass
 - made at least one "tackle"

On offense:
 - made 2 good runs
 - was quarterback but I don't think he attempted any throws
He is number 13 this year and is glad to have a "higher" number.  (Last year he was number 6).  Today they were the visiting team, so he is wearing the white side of his jersey.  Now you can find him in the pics below!
Playing defense and the looking for the ball

He got it!  This was the first interception.

He was excited, but he kept his poise after the play.

Handing it off - right in the gut.

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