Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No more stitches!

Apparently the ER made a mistake and put in non-dissolvable stitches because they should have dissolved out several days ago but didn't. So, today we went back to the pediatrician and he had to remove the stitches for us. It was not as traumatic as getting the stitches, but it certainly wasn't easy or pleasant for anyone. Joel was squeezing my hand, crying, and telling me that "it hurts really much!" and "I don't like it!" All I could do was agree with him and try to talk about other stuff. The nurse was holding his little foot still and the doc was snipping and pulling. Evan just sat in a chair and read. He may have been watching, but he certainly didn't say anything. By the time we got home Joel was able to laugh, so he recovered pretty quickly. He has gone back to full activity and the toe is healing quite nicely. He still likes to use his hurt toe as an excuse, but by now that's about all it is. Thanks for all of the prayers and concerns for Joel and his toe!


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