Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Playing doctor

The boys have been playing a lot of doctor and hospital in the past 3 weeks or so. I wonder what could have prompted that, hmmm?

They play this game together, and Joel plays it by himself with the toys. I know that they give "flu" shots sometimes and that the animals cry sometimes, but then they are consoled and things are better. (All shots are referred to as flu shots by the boys.) In the first picture Joel is giving Evan a shot. Joel's bed is usually the hospital bed, although we have also found them using the changing table as the bed.

Joel still remembers the incident and talks about it, but his toe is much better now. The nail bed is the only part of his toe that still looks injured. He only complains about it hurting when he doesn't want to do something that he has been told to do. This is how one of those episodes typically plays out: he will start to walk, jump up, throw himself into a sitting position with his legs under his bottom, and say (or cry) that he can't walk because his toe hurts or because he keeps falling. Very mysterious how he keeps "falling" in this unusual manner, or how his toe could possibly be hurting after all of that. All of me would be hurting if I tried something like that.

In other related news, Evan has been to the doctor for a continued nasty cough. He saw a nurse practitioner who said that he had a "little" bronchitis. She said that it was probably viral and best to let it run its course. He is mostly fine, but every time he has a coughing attack I cringe. He doesn't complain about it, and he is acting just fine. He hasn't even had a fever. VBS probably just made it last a little longer because it was such a tiring week.

The boys have been to the pediatrician 4 times since we got home from our July 4th trip. Hopefully, we will have fewer visits in August! (Dare I hope for fewer visits for the rest of the year?)


jenn said...

Is Evan getting his flu shot in the neck? That can't feel good. :)

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