Saturday, July 26, 2008


That about sums up my week. VBS was fun, but I came home and took a nap almost everyday. Last night I went to bed about 6 or 6:30, got up about 9:30, went back to bed about 11 or midnight and slept until 9am. I then took another (shorter) nap while Steve and the boys went swimming. The boys went to bed early last night, too, but apparently they are still tired because they have been very grumpy today. Looks like it will be another early-to-bed night.

Here are a few shots from Evan's adventures in VBS this week.
practicing his music

listening carefully at story time

singing in the program on Friday

And here are some from Joel's adventures.
He cried every day when I dropped him off. After a ritual of several hugs and kisses, he took his place under the table with his blankie and paci. The teachers assured me that this was for my benefit and that by the end of the week he came out quickly after I left.

with one of his favorite youth helpers
at the program - he was not supposed to be participating, but ...


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