Friday, July 11, 2008

Lessons from VBS and Super Mario Galaxy

Evan attended his first VBS of the summer this week. I also helped out with it, so this has been a busy week for us. As we were coming home each night I tried to talk to him about the Bible Point of the day to make sure that he had gotten it. Just so you know these were the 5 Bible Points from the week:
1. Jesus gives us the power to be thankful.
2. Jesus gives us the power to help others.
3. Jesus gives us the power to be brave.
4. Jesus gives us the power to live forever.
5. Jesus gives us the power to tell others about God.

Tonight I asked him what his favorite part of VBS was, and he said it was his little soccer ball from crafts tonight. He said that when you played with it, it reminded you about kids that live all over the world; some live in hot places, some live in jungles, some live everywhere! (The kids decorated the soccer ball with stickers of these places.) I said "Yes, and when we think about the kids we can think about how we need to tell them about God." He said, "No, that's not it. We just think about the kids." Then we talked about why people need to hear about Jesus, because if they don't know about Him they can't get the power from Him. Evan said, "Yeah! Kind of like Super Mario." I asked for an explanation, and he said that Mario goes around and does things to get special power. And he also gets star bits to feed the hungry Lumas (hence, helping others). Then he started talking about fighting Bowser (the bad guy). I racked my brain and said, "Yeah, and Mario has to be brave to try to stop Bowser from doing bad things." Evan said, "Yeah, but sometimes Bowser wins." By then we were about home and Evan was excited to see Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Matt who had arrived our house while we were at VBS, so the Bible lessons stopped. It seems that he was paying attention this week, and he is continuing to learn.


steele family said...

That was so sweet. It is amazing how much they pick up just from listening. Thanks for coming over on Friday. I really enjoyed spending time with you and look forward to doing it again soon.

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