Sunday, August 30, 2009

Birthday parties galore!

Steve celebrated his 32nd birthday last Wednesday. Since it was also the day his parents were coming in for a visit, we had a party for him that night. The boys were so excited that they made their dad presents and cards before he got home. Evan game him some play-dough and erasers because, "they're mine but I don't want them." Joel gave him (part of) a snake craft he had made the day before at storytime. (It was only part of the snake because it kept getting torn.) It was sweet to see them getting so excited about the presents and making cards for their dad. Of course, they were even more excited when he got home, opened the presents, and we got to have the birthday dessert - homemade apple pie.

Steve's mom is having a "milestone" birthday in early September so we had a party for her while they were here. Steve's dad wanted to surprise her with this party, and we pulled it off! I decorated while they were all with the boys at the pool on Saturday. We had cake and ice cream and opened the presents when they got home, and then Steve and I made a special dinner. She is good at figuring stuff out, so we were excited that we were able to keep this a surprise. (The boys knew about it, but I think Joel had forgotten. Evan almost let a clue slip once Saturday morning when out of the blue he told Grandma not to go in my room. He knew it was a secret and was trying really hard to keep her finding the "stuff" in my room.)

So, that brings us to Sunday afternoon - today. We just polished off the birthday cake and now I am ready for a little rest. I can only hope the rest of the family takes a rest with me.


Missy said...

Happy Birthday to everyone!! I still love the birthday banner ;)

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