Friday, August 7, 2009


There are times I wish I had a tape recorder with me and today was definitely filled with those times. The boys and I had some real interesting conversations, and they had some doozies between just the two of them. I remember laughing at them as we were driving, but I can't remember all of the conversations.

The first conversation that I was in with involved some Bible history (from the Old Testament stories of Moses, Noah, and Elijah to the pentecost and persecution of the early church), some doctrine (salvation, the reusrrection, the Trinity), mummies, deserts, and a few other things probably. Everything did flow together in the conversation, but looking back on all of the topics that we covered on the drive to get my allergy shot it looks pretty funny - at least to me.

On the way home from running errands the boys were talking more to each other than to me. I only remember a small part of the conversation as we got closer to home. Evan said that he wanted to be a scientist like Sid (of Sid the Science Kid on PBS). Then he decided that he already was a scientist because he's always learning new things. I was telling this to Steve tonight at dinner, so we had another fun conversation about what it means to be a scientist - complete with a brief introduction to the scientific method.

Evan and Joel are both always full of questions, and we love that they come to us with them. Sometimes it gets a little tiring for me, or stressful when I am trying to drive, but I love their curiosity. I also love that they come to us with their questions. I know that as they get older that will likely change. For now, I will just try to enjoy the questions and even laugh when I can - like when I am in the other room and they keep interrupting their dad to ask questions about The Incredibles as they watch it. It's better than watching tv myself!


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