Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I did not stay in bed a "little" longer this morning even though I knew the boys were up. We won't even talk about what they didn't do while I was not still in bed. (But everyone was safe.)

I did not develop a repetitive use injury to my right wrist and forearm this past week and it certainly wasn't from playing games on facebook too much.

I did not look for games that involved the keyboard instead of the mouse on facebook. (But I have significantly cut back on my game-playing.)

I did not take a bunch of pictures of my kids and my friend's kids with my camera on the wrong setting. I would always check that before taking a gazillion pictures to ensure that they would be usable.

Whew, that's enough for me today. Any more confessions and I might get depressed! ;)


The Steele Family said...

I didn't even know you could get an injury from facebook. I better be

Foursons said...

I do NOT use a mouse with my laptop because I developed a very painful hand problem by using the mouse pad on my laptop.

And this seems to be the week for injuries! The NMM I read before yours broke her ankle, and my son broke his ankle last week too.


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