Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Joel's First Day of School

I was a little concerned about how Joel would do in school. He gets upset when he changes classrooms at church, or gets new teachers, or has to go to a new class (like for VBS). I wasn't sure how school would go over. We have been "talking it up" for a while, though, and for whatever reason he did great on his first day! He pulled his folder out of his backpack, put his lunchbox and backpack up, found out where to put his folder and settled down to play. He never even looked my way when I left the room. He was glad to see me when I picked him up, but he said that he had fun at school. His favorite part of the day was recess, but that seems normal. He asked this morning if he was going to school again, but he's not. He goes two days a week, so today we get to play together. So far I have spent a lot of time on the computer, though, so I need to get off and play with him now. Hope that you enjoy the pictures!


Michelle said...

Too cute!

The Steele Family said...

Lovin the shirt! Too cute :o)

Melissa said...

Thanks! Joel picked out the shirt himself. I am not sure if he knew what it said, but he thought his teachers would like it. They did. ;)

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