Tuesday, August 25, 2009

News after the first day of school

I didn't get much out of Evan about his first day, but he came out all smiles! He told me that his teacher did an experiment, but he couldn't tell me anything else about it. He also told me that his music teacher is going to have a baby in 1-1/2 weeks and then she will be gone for 5 weeks. This was after he originally told me that he didn't go to any "extra" classes. Apparently it's just too much to remember and process at one time. So, I just have to piece it together as it comes out.

After we picked him up from school, we went to get new school shoes for Joel, who starts next week. After that, we went to Braum's for a special after-school snack. I was going to make cookies, but then I decided to do something a little more special. Needless to say, it was a big hit! The only complaint was that Evan's cone wasn't big enough. I told him it was too close to dinner to get a big one, and he was satisfied.

He has now been delivered to the school for day 2 and all seems to be going well. His teacher told me this morning that he did well yesterday. So, good news all the way around so far! Now if only we could get rid of this humidity so that our 5 minute walk to school didn't feel like a sauna, we would be set! (At least until Joel starts next week.)


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