Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Insights from Evan

Today Evan realized that he has another semi-loose tooth. We were discussing if they might come out at the same time. He told me that if they did come out at the same time that he would put them under his pillow on different nights. I asked him why because that would make more work for the tooth fairy, having to come two nights in a row. He said that if she got both teeth in one night she would leave the same amount of money as she does for just one tooth. So, there you have it - maximizing his profits.

Later today he and Joel were playing outside and messed up one of the branches on the fig tree. After Steve had been home for a few minutes he called both of them to him. When they were both there, before Steve started the conversation, Evan asked, "Dad, is this about the fig tree?" Hmmm, guilty conscience or amazing perception?

But this one is my favorite!
Evan likes to watch Sid the Science Kid on PBS. (If you are familiar with the show you can skip to the next paragraph.) Each episode starts out with Sid at home getting up, having breakfast and getting ready for school. At some point in those first few minutes, Sid wonders about something. Usually his mom and dad have an answer or look one up, but he wants to know more so when he gets to school he asks Teacher Susie. She says that it's a great question and they learn a little more about it, do an experiment, and then write their observations in their journal.

So, out of the blue, Evan said, "How does Susie know what is going on at Sid's house?" After some confusion on my part and some clarifying questions from me, my own scientist made this observation, "It's like she knows what's going on at Sid's house because she's already bought the supplies to do the experiment."

I know that I am biased, but I'm thinkin' that's not too shabby for a 6-year-old!


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