Thursday, September 4, 2008

An update on our week

We are slowly adjusting to this new school schedule. Actually, the boys have gotten up late the last two days, and we have been hurrying to make it to school just a little late (instead of a lot late). But Evan has had two good days so far, so that is good. Joel and I have been doing pretty good, except that I got sick yesterday. I seem to have a stomach bug or something, which is better today, but I still feel a little nauseous and weak. I am also slightly less "together" today. My patience is a little less and I am not as much as fun. Keep that in mind when I share the following conversation from the van this morning, which is more humurous to me now than it was then:

Joel: Mommy, do trains live on train tracks?
Me: Well, they ride on train tracks, like our car rides on the road, but they don't live there. Cars and trains aren't really alive.
Evan: Actually, they are.
Me: Evan, why are you arguing with me? They are not alive.
Evan: Yes they are. We have a car.
Me: Yes, they are real, but they aren't alive. To be alive means that you are breathing and moving on your own and stuff like that.
Evan: (slight pause) Oh yeah, I forgot.

Usually Evan doesn't even acknowledge that we (the more experience parents) are right in these arguments, but today he did. Maybe that is progress.

Just for fun I thought I would share another conversation from this week. Yesterday, after dropping Evan off at school, Joel and I were headed home when we started to pass a field with two horses grazing. Joel still loves cows and horses, so I said, "Joel, look out the window! What is that?" He calmly replied, "I can't talk right now. I am busy." "Oh," I said, "and what are you doing?" He said, just as calmly, "Nothing." I tried to explain that you can't bu busy if you are doing nothing, but he didn't seem to get it. I do tell them I can't talk sometimes when I am driving, but I am pretty sure that I have never told them that I can't talk to them because I am busy. He has been saying this to me a lot lately though.

Well, my energy is quickly waning, so it is time for me to close this post. I will try to get some pictures of the boys to share in the next post.


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