Monday, September 15, 2008

Just because you're grumpy, it's no reason not to pray

That's probably not grammatically correct, but I think you get the point - or you will in a minute.

I served the boys dinner this evening and grumpy Joel promptly declared that he didn't like it - any of it. After they settled down a little it was time to pray. They both wanted to pray but Evan went first. I forgot that Joel was supposed to pray, too, but he reminded me, albeit with a whine. I apologized for forgetting and told him to pray. His prayer went something like this:

Thank you for our food and for our wonderful day. Thank you for this that I don't like and for this that I don't like. Precious name. (which is an abbreviated form of "in Your precious name, Amen.")

Evan enjoyed his dinner much more. His bedtime prayer went like this:

Thank you for our day and our wonderful dinner and that it had pasta and sausage and chicken and bread. In your precious name, Amen.


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