Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Two wrongs can make a right (or at least a "better")

Joel seems to be having a bad day. At lunch he was disgruntled with his food and spilled his apple juice. I am not sure if it was an accident or not. The juice and cup landed on the floor. The cup did not survive the fall (thankfully it was plastic), and the spill covered quite a large area. I cleaned it up through gritted teeth, because I wasn't sure if it was an accident and because I had a really bad sinus headache.

So, I hadn't mopped the floor, and I kept sticking to it. I figured I would wait until after dinner so that the clean floor would last a little longer (at least overnight). But the sticking was getting irritating, and mopping is the only way to get that up, right? Apparently not. If you continue with your bad-day-ways and spill water in the exact same spot at snack time, it can get the rid of the stickiness! I will mop, but for now it is nice to not be sticking to the floor between the refrigerator and table.


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