Friday, September 19, 2008

More fun conversations

On the way home from community group last night I asked Steve if he wanted to stop at the video store. Evan and Joel immediately said yes, but Steve didn’t answer right away. Evan decided he needed to make a case so he said, “If we go to the video store it will fill up my joy spot.” He then showed us where his joy spot was. It looked like his shoulder, but he said it was right outside his heart, so apparently his aim was a little off.

Later in the van he was asking for a carrot and bread when we got home. Again, he made a case by stating, “I need a carrot and bread because it will make me strong and make me go to sleep.” He knows which levers to pull, huh.

Again in the van Joel was singing to himself and Evan got irritated. Evan was tired so he was fussing at Joel to stop. Steve tried to talk to Joel about it, but he just kept on singing. I said, “Joel, your dad is trying to talk to you, and you aren’t answering him.” Joel said, “I can’t right now. I am busy singing.” Kind of missed the point, huh.


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