Friday, September 12, 2008

Learning social graces

Yesterday I needed to do some stuff up at our church while Evan was in school. I figured that I would see Ms. Tammy, our friend and the church's children's director, while we were there. I was telling Evan that and asked if he would like for me to tell her "Hi!" for him. He said, "Why?" I tried to explain that sometimes you can pass along a hello to someone that you are not going to see, but that someone else is going to see. So, I asked again if he wanted me to tell her hi for him, and he replied, "But I am not going to be there." This seemed to be a very puzzling concept to him, so I let it drop.

By the time we finished up at church, it was almost noon so I asked Ms. Tammy if she would like to have lunch with Joel and me. She agreed and we headed off to Chick-fil-a, where we had a great time. After Joel ate, he headed to the play area while Ms. Tammy and I finished eating and "visiting". Towards the end Joel started coming in and out of the play area at an increased rate. One of those times I noticed that he and another little boy (maybe 4-5 years old), were having "words" at the door. The other boy's mom started talking to him, and I was trying to get Joel's attention. Then Joel ran over to me, visibly upset, and said, "Mommy, he said poo-poo pants." The other mom explained that her son had smelled something and thought Joel had a poopy diaper. Well, he did. I hadn't smelled it earlier, so I am guessing that it was new. I told Joel to go back into the play area to get his shoes, and we would go to the van and change his diaper. Joel tried to obey, but he was having trouble getting the door opened. Then I noticed that the other boy was holding it from the inside so that Joel couldn't get in. The other boy's mom saw, too, and went to the door and told him to open it so that Joel could get his shoes and leave. Poor Joel! It was kind of funny, but he also seemed to be upset at this playmate rejection. Granted, he was already tired and that contributed to his emotions, but it still made me sad for him. Steve thought that the "peer pressure" might help him decide to completely potty train, but I don't think it will. He just doesn't usually seem to mind having a dirty diaper (or underwear, for that matter), and he just gets so busy he doesn't think to go to the bathroom when we are out (or sometimes when we are home, for that matter).


steele family said...

sorry we missed playgroup, i hope ya'll had a good time!

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