Sunday, January 27, 2008

Learning and logic

We had a couple of interesting developments in our house today. For one, Joel counted to ten all by himself. He had gotten up to six correctly before, so this was a big jump. He's only done it once, so far. Evan counted up to 59 by himself today. He is interested in numbers and is working on reading the time on a digital clock, but this is the highest he had counted by himself so far.

Evan also demonstrated some amazing logic today. I was explaining that if he threw any of his toys again, I would take them away for a week. He smiled and said, "And then I get them back!" I decided that maybe the point wasn't being made, so I told him that I might just give the toys to other kids who don't have toys so they can play with them. He said, "But if they don't have toys, they can't play." Again, he seemed to miss the point, but he thought he got me!


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