Monday, January 21, 2008

A disappointing playoff day

I had my new Packers shirt, Joel was in his Packers outfit, the boys and I had green and gold thundersticks ... but it wasn't enough to cheer our team on to victory. Unfortunately the weather was not the good omen that I had hoped it would be. I will still watch the Super Bowl and I will probably still wear my Packers shirt for it. I will be cheering for the Patriots, though.

On a happier note, Joel did much better at church yesterday. The first time at this church he cried for 30 minutes before they called me out of the service. The next few times after that, he had to start out with his paci and blankie (which he gave up within a few minutes). Then we progressed to just having the blankie one week, and yesterday we went into the class without the paci or blankie! He still asked for them as soon as we drove up, but we reminded him that he's a big boy and didn't need them (as we discussed before we left for church).

Speaking of church, the boys both went to a new class at the church last week and came home with a memory verse, Genesis 1:1 "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." Evan had it down pretty quickly, and we are getting Joel to say it, too. Joel just repeats after us for now, but he thinks that it is fun, especially if we "pound out" the rhythm as we say it. Hopefully Joel will enjoy staying in the class with Evan and he can learn more Bible stories and Bible verses as the year goes on, and get used to being in a class setting with other kids.

Today is a holiday for Evan, but not for Dad, so we are getting together with some friends! They are coming over to play, so we are getting ready for their arrival. Actually, the boys are very excited and ready for them to be here now, so we will watch a movie to help the time pass. Evan understands about waiting, but Joel doesn't understand about that yet. Blue's Clues is going to be very helpful for the next few minutes!


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