Sunday, January 13, 2008

Still figuring things out

I had been wanting to download a little video clip before I posted again, but that might take a while, so I am just writing today.

I was struck again by how quickly Joel seems to be growing up. I keep thinking of him as my baby, but he's already 2 now. Yesterday I was changing a diaper when he noticed a picture in his room of Curious George stuck on the top of a traffic light. He commented, "Curious George needs help." I am not sure that he made that connection all by himself, but if he had heard that phrase before it was a week or more ago. He has also started "helping" me with discipline. When he does something that he knows is wrong and I give him The Look, he will smile and say, "Joel Wyatt!" (It comes out kind of like "Jol White".)

Evan also likes to help with the discipline of Joel. We are working on that. We actually have quite a few things that we are trying to work on Evan with - speaking respectfully, not using "potty words", not hitting Joel, etc. I read a book recently that has given us some new ideas to try with him. I highly recommend Creative Correction by Lisa Whelchel. It was a pleasant and humorous read, and has a toolbox of ideas at the end of each chapter. I have tried a few of these ideas over the weekend, and they seem to be helping. One of the biggest helps from the book was the reminder that our hearts are ultimately in God's hands, and the best thing we can do for our kids is pray that God would mold their hearts.

We are currently gearing up for Dad to go out of town for a couple of days. Some people have to deal with business travel all of the time, but this will be our first adventure. I am wondering how it will go, because both of the boys are quite attached to their dad. Thankfully it will be a short trip, and we will do some special things while Dad is away. I'll keep you posted on how they do.


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