Thursday, January 24, 2008

The family that games together ...

We've never been the family to buy the latest in video game systems, but since we were given a Wii for Christmas, we are re-thinking that. J/K! We are enjoying the Wii very much and yesterday received our newest game - Madden '08. This one was more for me than anyone else, so I eagerly opened it and started reading the instructions. I lost some of my excitement when I saw the pages of operation controls. I decided this would take some time to figure out and put it aside for later.

When Steve got home he decided that he and Evan would see if they could figure it out. They "played" a couple of mini-games (not really knowing what they were controlling or how) and then Steve said it was time to put it up and move on to one of the "old" games, like tennis. Evan wanted to play football again, but Steve said, "The football game is ..." (pause while he is trying to set something up). Evan finished his sentence with, "too hard for you?" I had to laugh and Steve just smiled. Then they played tennis.


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