Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Total and utter destruction

So, Evan had the stomach bug and Joel was just being a typical 3-year-old. The last two days have not been pretty.

Evan started the throwing up Monday night. I got up with him 2-3 times that night, so we were both pretty tired the next day. I decided at 1pm that we all needed a nap. Evan and I fell asleep, but Joel decided that he needed to do other things instead. When I woke up I heard him in the kitchen, but not getting stuff. I told him to go back to his bed, which he did - for a few seconds anyway. After the third time I decided to get up and apply some discipline. What I found in his room ... oh, words can't describe what I felt. This was all stuff he had done before, but not all at the same time.

1. He had gotten into the tub of homemade hot chocolate mix and it was dumped mostly on his bed, but also on the floor. Not only was it dumped, but water had been added to it. Nice for the bedding and the carpet!
2. There were two different types of cereal on the floor. One had been in a bowl. The other, a special Kashi cereal, was spilled out with the bag and box missing. I found the box first and later found the bag. Thankfully there was some left.
3. There were two boxes of white fudge covered Oreos out as well. The bags were out of both boxes, but thankfully he couldn't get the bags open. I think I need to write a thank you to the Oreo manufacturers for their packaging.
4. There were at least 3 empty gum wrappers strewn about the room. I don't know what became of the gum.
5. He had gone into my bedroom and taken my facial toner and dumped it out on his floor. Just a little puddle of facial toner. This was a favorite project of his a while back, but he seemed to have learned not to do it - until yesterday.

This was after he had gotten in trouble for pouring his own cereal and taking it to the living room that morning. He also went into my bedroom, got my water and it got spilled on the carpet at the same time.

So, I got to clean up Joel's destructive messes and Evan's sick messes yesterday, with the washing machine and dryer running almost nonstop.

I thought today was going to be better. And in some ways it has been. Evan stopped throwing up about 5:30pm yesterday and has been feeling much better today. Joel, however, managed to get my brand new replacement bottle of facial toner and dump it out today as well. Almost the same spot. It's kind of like an animal marking his territory, but with facial toner. I put him in bed and moved it up against the wall, so that it was like a jail cell. To try to get out he peed on his bed. That didn't work. I made him stay in the bed because that was an intentional, manipulative trick. But, that means that the washer and dryer are back in use today.

Maybe - pray with me, please - tomorrow will be better. ;)


jenn said...

Not just destruction, but 'creative destruction'! :) Bless your heart!!!! I'll give you a call tomorrow...

Joel, Melody, Grant, and Kate said...

Melissa! I'm soooo sorry to hear all of that. Unfortunately I can relate and it is not fun. Hang in there, friend!

Michelle said...

Wow--God bless you, Super Mom! I pray that God renews your strength, energy, patience and facial toner. :)

Scribbit said...

Oh wow--I'm praying!

Sheilah said...

Oh honey!!! I feel your pain! You want to scream, cry, laugh, and bang your head into a wall all at the same time! Joel sounds a lot like Emma. Good luck with that ... it will get better, though, at least a little better ... eventually.

Rebecca said...

Oh my...Unfortunately, I totally feel your pain, frustration, aggrevation, (an I leaving any out?). I pray that the rest of the week went better for you and that this week was S-m-o-o-t-h sailing!

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