Monday, January 26, 2009

Living with sensitive children

My children are sensitive, but not in a good way. Evan has some sort of auditory sensitivities. For example, he complains about the noises people make when they eat. If he is tired, he will cry about the sounds Joel makes. Now, Joel is not a quiet eater but I can't see that crying is called for. If Joel is crying at bedtime, Evan will chime in because, "Joel's making me cry!!!" His favorite line is, "I can't help it!" Of course, sometimes he is still crying after Joel has stopped, but that doesn't change his story.

Joel is more of a tactile child so his sensitivities run along those lines. Lately it has manifested in his clothing. His underwear, socks, pants, etc. are all too tight. It doesn't matter what kind of socks he is wearing, they are too tight. It doesn't matter that the underwear/pants fit okay last time he wore it - today it is too tight. I have decided to look for boxers for him, but I am not sure how successful I will be. I mean, come on, he's three. Do three-year-olds really need boxers?


Rebecca said...

What about boxer briefs? Would they help?


Melissa said...

I think they would be too tight, too. He pulls them loose at his bottom and then gets mad when the pants pull them back up. As someone else said, it's a good thing he's cute. ;)

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