Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just randomness (and pictures) to share

The above are some pictures of the aftermath of the most recent ice storm. I find it interesting that we have had quite a few ice storms (for our area) along with 80+ degree weather this winter. Hmmm.

The ice has been a little limiting, but nothing limits Joel for long. He is certainly trying to keep me on my toes these days. The way a 3-year-old's mind works just amazes me sometimes. Yesterday he was coloring and I heard him say, "I'm making a pink nose like a clown!" I looked and he was drawing the nose alright ... on himself!
Last night we were talking about when everyone got up that morning and Steve commented that the boys didn't get up too early. I said, "yeah, except that I couldn't go to sleep, and then Evan got in bed with me for a couple of hours in the middle of the night, and then I woke up with you this morning. So when Joel got in bed with me I was not ready to get up." Joel added, "Yeah, I got in bed with mommy when it was still dark, but when it was light I got up and came into the kitchen!" Knowing his propensity for sneaking food, Steve and I looked at each other and asked what he was doing in the kitchen. He sweetly, and somewhat hesitantly replied, "I was looking for something to not eat."

He has been asking what things are made out of a lot lately, too ... like apples, pears, chocolate milk, etc. This morning he asked me if saltines were made out of salt. I told him they were called saltines because they have salt on the top. He asked, "And do they have pepper on the bottom?" He is making some good connections, huh!

One more story - Joel had a saltine stuck between his teeth. I told him to keep eating and maybe it would come out. His suggestion was to use the vacuum cleaner.


Joel, Melody, Grant, and Kate said...

the vacuum cleaner - that's funny!!!

Scribbit said...

Something about a garden in winter is so pretty--I love what the snow and ice does to the plants

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