Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fascinating Field Trip Findings

Today was another field trip day for Evan. This time we went to the Planetarium and The Science Place in Dallas. We had never been to either of these places before, and we found them to be quite fun. I also found the planetarium to be funny, but I think it was just me. We first watched a video on the dome ceiling about the solar system. There was a lot of the narrative that seemed to be over the heads of kindergartners. I understand the concept of using "big words" so that they will learn "big words", but I also think that it is good to mix that in with age-appropriate language. This movie was heavy on the "big words". One of my favorite phrases was in the description of a moon's surface - "a cacophony of volcanic eruptions!" I would giggle to myself every time I heard a phrase like that, and it was often. It was a good movie, however, and I am sure that the kids enjoyed it.

After the planetarium we went to The Science Place for a lot of hands-on science learning. Mostly the kids were just doing stuff at an exhibit and then running off to the next one before the previous one could be discussed. Well, that's what my son did anyway.

It was a fun day, but I am glad to be back at home where I can relax, though. I kept losing Evan in the play area just before we left. Now he is in the backyard, and he hasn't tried to "escape" - at least not yet. :)


jenn said...

Did they have the giant bubble makers or the static electricity ball at the science place? Those were always my favorite! :)

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