Wednesday, June 11, 2008

When things don't go as planned

This seems to be the motto of our week. Yesterday I had all of these great activities planned, but they got ruined by our much-needed rain showers in the morning and by the boys' tiredness and crankiness in the afternoon. We adjusted our plans and still had fun, though.

Today we were going to a special kids movie and after we drove there, we found out the theater had no power, so no movie! We did get passes for any other movie that we want to see, so we got something in exchange for our gas. (The special movie was only 5o cents a ticket, so the passes are worth a lot more!)

We are now resting, since the boys are inexplicably cranky-tired again. We hope to go to the waterpark with some friends later, but we'll just have to wait and see, I guess.

This hasn't been a horrible start to the week, but I really hope that this is not how the whole summer goes!


Joel, Melody, Grant, & Kate said...

Hang in there! I had a horrible day yesterday with Grant and but today has been wonderful! Some days/weeks are just like that. We're looking forward to the party on Saturday night!!!

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