Sunday, June 15, 2008

What does Father's Day mean?

Their dad rocks and they know it!

Apparently at out house it means sharing. The boys gave their dad some gifts this morning. They were all crafts that they had made. One was a little box that they had decorated at storytime which contained some Hershey kisses. As soon as Dad opened the box and the boys saw the kisses they were asking for some. I kept saying, "Remember, these are Dad's!" Dad let them each have one and then Evan was counting them to see how many we could all have. When we got home from church, the boys were asking about the kisses again. Evan asked me if I had eaten any and I told him no, that they were Dad's. He said, "Dad has already said that he would share!"

Dad made oatmeal for breakfast today. (I volunteered to make him something "special", but this is what he wanted. He prefers to make his own oatmeal, too.) The boys decided they wanted oatmeal, too. And not their own bowls, but to share with Dad. It was a little messier that way, but no one was dressed for church, and everyone survived.

So, in our house Father's Day is about sharing, but also loving on Dad. The boys really do love their dad so much, and while their love can be a bit "overwhelming" at times, their Dad loves them too! So on this Father's Day we wish all father's a very happy day and that you know how much you are loved by the special people in your lives!


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