Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Birthday, Evan!

Evan's pink (strawberry), Star Wars birthday cake

5 years old! Wow! Where has the time gone?

We have been having birthday celebrations for almost a week now, and Evan would probably like to keep it going for even longer!

Last Wednesday was the the last day of school for Evan, so to celebrate that and his upcoming birthday, we took donuts to school. Joel and I stayed there for quite a while, just playing, eating and talking. We went back up there for lunch, too, so we had a fun day with Evan at his school.

Friday was Evan's birthday and he got to pick our meals all day long. For breakfast we had pancake puffs. In case you aren't familiar with those, we first spotted them on an infomercial. Evan thought they looked like the best things ever. Every time we would see the infomercial he would get excited and ask to get it. They now sell them at Target, too, so I bought one as a surprise for him. For lunch we had pizza, after a birthday trip to the dentist for a cleaning and check-up. (He was great for the dentist, by the way!) For dinner we had macaroni and cheese, which is probably his favorite meal of all time. He also got to open a couple of presents that day, which turned out to be a tee-ball set and a recordable story-book set. The tee-ball set was a big hit, no pun intended. The story book has 4 pages that are like white boards, where you can draw your own story and erase it. There is a recorder on the side so you can record a story to go along with your drawings. He had it beside when he went to bed that night and then grabbed it as soon as he woke up in the morning.

Grandma had come into town Friday night, but the boys were already asleep by the time she got to the house. They got to see her Saturday morning and they both had a great time playing with her while Steve and I got ready for the party. This was the biggest "kid party" we have had, with 5 kids Evan's age and one Joel's age, and it was a lot of fun! At times I was overwhelmed with trying to keep the kids occupied, like while the adults finished eating, but the kids were very well-behaved - for a birthday party. ;) Steve missed the entire present-opening experience because he was getting the outside activity ready - a slip-n-slide! This was a big hit with the kids, but oddly enough no parents participated. ;)

Grandma is still here so both boys have been enjoying playing with her and all of the wonderful presents that Evan received from our generous friends and family. (Thanks to you all!)

Tomorrow Grandma goes back to the airport, and I think after that we will go shopping so Evan can spend some of his birthday money. He already has some ideas on what he wants, since he has been thinking about this for quite a while. I'll keep you posted on how that goes.

We hope that you all enjoy the beginning of summer!


jenn said...

I love the cake! Looks like everyone had a great time with the slip & slide. Thanks for sharing the pictures since I couldn't make it to the party. :-)

Missy said...

It was a good party! We had a great time (all 4 of us!)!!

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