Monday, June 2, 2008

So proud of my boy!

I have been noticing an interesting phenomenon in Evan's life. He is becoming an even better big brother.

On the last day of Evan's school there was an extra boy in his class (whose mom was substituting in another class). He was apparently doing something to Joel and Evan told the boy to leave Joel alone because he was his little brother. Later some of the girls were building with blocks and were telling Joel not to knock them down. Evan walked over and said, "I'll take care of it." He then started talking to Joel, who somehow hurt himself and started crying. Instead of coming to me, Joel went to Evan for a hug and Evan tried to make him feel better. So nice to see!

After Evan's party, Joel was upset about something (because he was so tired, no doubt) and was throwing a fit. We were trying to get him to calm down, without much success, and Evan came in with his brand new lightsaber and offered it to Joel. All on his own! Just to make Joel feel better!

Evan has always loved Joel, but the competition between them has been increasing lately. He also doesn't always notice Joel when he is around his own friends. So, these actions were especially precious to me and I am filled with joy watching him grow daily!


Michelle said...

Wow. That is sooo sweet. Of course, I'm not surprised, when Evan has two of the sweetest parents who set such an awesome example for him. But it is one of God's coolest blessings, to see our children love and care for each other. And big brother love is like no other--Joel is a lucky guy. :)

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