Friday, June 20, 2008

Another interesting conversation

Evan asked me earlier today if I had ever watched Power Rangers. I told him yes and then he started asking me questions, as if he couldn't believe it. (We don't let the boys watch Power Rangers.) He finally asked me if it was on real tv or fake tv. I told him real tv. He said, "I watched it on fake tv." I said, "Really. And how exactly do you watch fake tv?" He answered, "I went to my fake job and got fake money and bought a fake tv. Then I watched it on my fake tv." Well, I guess that explains everything perfectly!

He then said that when he was 10 he would get a real job. He listed 10 jobs that he would have, but I can't remember them all now. Here are a few of them: fixing things, making his bed, delivering mail, picking up his toys, and the most important job of all - putting out fires. I just asked him if he remembered what all of the jobs were, but he doesn't. His answer now is that he'll just do whatever jobs he wants. I have noticed that this "do whatever I want" attitude is getting very pervasive!


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