Friday, May 2, 2008

Fun with Family!

We don't have family that lives nearby, so when we get to visit with family it is always a special time. This past week we had some family visit us for a few days, including some of the boys' cousins.

They had a great time playing together! Evan loves being the "big" cousin (with the other cousins he is the "little" one). He is very gentle with the little ones, and does his best to make them laugh. (I know he may not look gentle in this picture, but Olivia is actually pulling him.) They both like playing with him, too, especially Olivia. If he left the room while they were playing she would walk around saying, "Where is he?" until she found him.

Joel loved having the little ones around, too, for the most part. He is the baby of our family, so it did pose some territorial issues. He was very gentle with Levi, surprisingly so. There were times that he forgot that he was a lot bigger than Levi and tried to sit on Levi's back or something, but other than that, he was great! He even shared his treasured blankie with Levi, without any prompting. Most of the clashes came with Olivia, probably because they are less than a year apart. They butted heads a few times, but they played together well most of the time.


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