Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Logic of Evan

Last night we were eating some more of the Mother's Day cake and after some of us had seconds, there was just a little leftover. Evan stated that since they made it for me, we should let me have the rest of it. (This was quite a change from the first night when before they even gave it to me they were asking eat some.) Steve so lovingly pointed out that if I ate the rest of it, it might make me into 2 mommies. (That would be a lot of weight gain!) I told Evan that he might not want to have 2 mommies in the house. He calmly replied, "We will have 2 mommies in the house." After I questioned him, he explained that it would be when Grandma comes for his birthday, since she is his dad's mommy and I am his (Evan's) mommy. I laughed and said that was he was very funny. He seemed puzzled since he was just pointing out the truth.


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