Saturday, May 17, 2008

It's summer already?!?

It must be since today was the opening day at The Wet Zone, our local waterpark. Evan has been counting down the days, and today the big day finally arrived! Now don't think that I am complaining, but we have had a pretty mild May so far which made for some fairly cold pool water. The boys still had a good time, and here are some pictures documenting part of their adventure today.

Evan is dancing in anticipation - or jumping to get in.

Evan jumping in!

Evan did a great job swimming with his lifejacket on!

But then he got tired and cold and wanted to lie down to rest and warm up.

Getting ready to go in.

It took a while, but Joel finally got in and swam!

Practicing swimming on his back.

But the most fun is jumping in!


jenn said...

I'm SO glad the day finally arrived!! :) It looks like y'all had fun.

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