Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fun while shopping

Yesterday we met our friend, Aunt Jenn, at an outdoor mall, supposedly just to see each other. However, I found some good deals that I just couldn't pass up. So, for me it was fun together and some good shopping! The boys didn't enjoy the shopping so much, but they did have fun playing outside and seeing Aunt Jenn. The carousel was one of the fun things they did (along with running, jumping, skipping, dino-walking, etc.). Joel watched Evan on the carousel for a while before deciding to join. After he did get on, he had a great time! Well, he got off before the ride officially ended, but while he was on he enjoyed it.

The boys have also been having a lot of fun building with Legos lately. This is a cow that Joel built all by himself, complete with a rider. (He has ridden a horse recently, and now he is asking to ride a cow. One of the lego guys got to live the dream!) He also made a couple of horses the other day which looked a lot like the cow except that they had tails (a longer lego piece sort of hanging off of the back of the horse). It looks like we might have 2 future engineers in the house.


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