Wednesday, April 30, 2008


These two are a force when they are together. There is just something about having the other that gives them energy - usually to do bad things. But, they love each other, too. Last night they were supposed to share a room, but not necessarily the bed. This is how I found them when I went to bed - sharing a bed and a pillow. Around 1am Joel woke up and wanted to get into his own bed. But this morning when I got up, they were in the same bed again. I pray that they share a strong bond through adulthood, but also that they begin to "spur each other on to good deeds." (From Hebrews 10:24, emphasis added)


Joel, Melody, Grant, & Kate said...

They are so funny and so cute at the same time! How can you not just squeeze them with hugs? ;-)

Michelle said...

This is so precious! I'm sure they are just best friends. Are there any more babies in the Saunders' future?? The next time we are up in Dallas to visit Missy and Lanny, we've got to get together with yall. It has been too long!!
Miss yall!

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