Monday, September 27, 2010

Sunday afternoon football

 While the games on tv were great yesterday, I think my favorite game was the one that was taking place in my backyard.  Joel started out as the coach.
 But then at some point he decided to switch to basketball.
 He was really good with the whistle, though!
 It looks like Evan is going to miss this catch.
 But he doesn't!
 He is sort of taunting his dad with his catch.
 And he is having fun running the ball back.
Joel decided to forgo the basketball to play football with the rest of the guys.
 Steve even blocked for him
 But Evan managed to tackle him anyway (probably because Joel would backtrack to keep the play going longer).
But Joel was a good tackler, too - even when the "tacklee" didn't have the ball.

Ahhh, fall and football season are here!  And I love it!!!


jenn said...

That's great ... and better than ANYTHING the NFL could have offered!! I'm glad football season is here, too. :o)

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