Sunday, September 19, 2010

Joel's Premiere in Concert

Joel has decided to take up drumming recently. He drums on anything and everything. This morning I went to both services of church, and Steve and the boys stayed home for the first service. During that time Steve and Joel played some music together (Steve on guitar and Joel on drums), and Steve told Joel that he was "very good". That encouragement must have meant a lot to Joel because he repeated it to me a couple of times. And he decided to put on a concert tonight! I thought it was for me, but then I saw that there were others in attendance, too.

The Audience

This is Grandpa ...

with his cup of coffee - conveniently located behind his back

Joel on the triangle

... and on the drums
(and winking to avoid the flash from the camera - maybe that's why they are banned in concerts)

Legos in a box as a rainstick
(his own creation)

My favorite technique - drumming on his belly

After the concert, Joel passed out food and drinks to his audience.
What a great host!


jenn said...

I love it! I'll have to share this with Marshall when he gets home. Joel is quite the little (creative) musician! :)

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