Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Are you ready ...

For some football?!?


We are!


And Evan, especially, is!

And it's a good thing because tonight was the first game of his new season.
They have a lot more players on their team than they need, so he didn't play the whole game.

When he was in, he played quarterback on offense.

And he had his first completed pass in a real game! (He ended the game with a total of 2 completed passes.)
He also was a good blocker for this running back, who scored on this play.

Unfortunately, the scorekeepers said we lost by 1 point. The rules (like extra points) and the referee's calls were a little confusing to me, so I had thought we won - or tied. Oh, well. As we tell Evan, the point is to have fun, do your best, and be a good sport. And Evan seemed to accomplish all 3 tonight. GOOOOOOOOOOOOO GATORS ... and EVAN!

*Not the University of Florida Gators, but the LakePointe Sports Gators.


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