Saturday, September 11, 2010

Q&A Time

We have been having lots of Q&A time at our house recently. My newest favorite is one of Joel's: Is anybody in Jesus' heart? Hmmm ... explaining the Trinity to a 4-year-old is not very easy. But then again, neither is explaining why Jesus said that we were drinking his blood. (His version involved people being thirsty and Jesus giving them his blood to drink. Kind of sounds to me like a "mash-up" of turning the water to wine at the wedding, His conversation with the woman at the well, and His statements from the last supper.) Or why the song says that He washed us with His blood. This is the song:

Anywhoo - this post is really about some questions I got "asked" by a friend and fellow blogger recently. I know you are all dying to read the answer and see who gets tagged next so read on!

1. What brand of toilet paper do you use?
It was Charmin, but I am trying different things now.

2. Who is the celebrity that you are most embarrassed to admit you have a crush on?
Not that I embarrass easily, but my biggest celebrity crush is probably Johnny Depp

3. What is your all time favorite movie?
Tough one - Pride and Prejudice, I guess (the A&E version). Others in the running are: Elf, A Muppet Christmas Carol, Sense & Sensibility, and Ever After

4. What store do you spend most of your paycheck?
I guess Target.

5. What is your favorite restaurant?
Depends on my mood, but my favorite dish is at Carino's (Italian nachos)

6. What is your most favorite thing to do in the town you live in?
Go on a date with my hubby

7. Where is the best place you have been on vacation?
Most of our vacations involve visiting family, and while those are fun, in terms of the place itself, my favorite would be the mountains of West Virginia or Colorado Springs.

8. What is the most distant place you have visited?
The most distant place I have been to is probably Guadalajara, Mexico.

Now it's time for the next 8 people to be tagged! (Even if you don't read my blog you are officially tagged)
Nicole Stonehouse
Jayme Doggett
Becca Hapes
Melody DeLuca
Julie George
Missy Schrib (even though you've already been tagged)
Carla Villanueva
Michelle Seabourne


Tammy said...

WE LOVE ITALIAN NACHOS!!!!!! Must make it a double date!!! Kids can come too ours love'em :)

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