Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Catch-up Day

That is what I have declared today to be at our house. What things do we need to get caught up on? Here is a short list:
1. laundry
2. cleaning the dishes in the sink
3. charging my cell phone (it's been dead for a few days, I think)
4. "free" play for the kids - where they have to use their own imaginations
5. exercising
6. blogging

So, I folded the laundry from the dryer already. And I plugged up my cell phone. And the boys are playing/crafting with paper, markers, and scissors. (Evan is making cards for magic tricks.) And I am blogging. So far we off to a pretty good start!

I also thought it would be nice to catch you up on what we've been doing for the past few days. (Okay, it's been over a week. Sorry!)

Last week the boys finished their swim lessons! They did really well! Joel's teacher was telling me that because of his size and physical maturity he should stay in the same class if he took lessons again. I agreed and added that he's only three. He look surprised and said, "Oh! Then he's doing really well for his age!". (The other kids in his class were 5-6, maybe even a 7-year-old.) Evan's teacher said the same thing about him. And again, he was one of the smallest in his class. Steve was very impressed with their progress after swim lessons, so I am declaring the lessons a success this year on many levels!

That's Evan during his swim test. He made it all the way down and floated on his back for the required amount of time. Swimming back he was a little tired, but he has improved a lot on his strokes and his endurance.

On Saturday we went to a birthday for a sweet little girl from our community group in church who just turned 1! It was so much fun to share in her special day. Plus there were clowns there, too. Joel was scared at first, but recovered pretty quickly when the male clown made him a balloon hat. The clown also did card tricks, which is where I am assuming that Evan got his inspiration for today's craft. After that we came home and "chilled". That's what we did after church on Sunday, too.

On Monday we had some friends over. The kids had fun together and the moms actually got to talk! What a great playdate! It was raining when they were here, so we stayed indoors. Later the skies cleared so the boys went out to play. With the rain this past weekend and the beginning of the week, we have had a break in temperatures so the boys got to play outside some. I think we're going back to 100 degree days now, though.

Yesterday we attended a carnival at the local library. It was mostly outside, and the temps were making their way back up. The kids had fun though, and we ended the carnival time with a couple of trips down the inflatable water slide. Poor Joel got "stuck" at the end of the slide both times. He just stopped moving and had to get up and walk to the pool at the bottom. Evan made it in both times. I told him before his second trip that if he kept his back against the slide he would go faster. He tried it and it worked! He made a hug splash and had a great time!

The boys got their faces painted at the carnival, too. They didn't survive the water slide very well, though.

So, it seems that a quiet day at home is in order. Maybe I can take a few deep breaths today, too.


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